Our united parish of Ardler, Meigle and Kettins is the amalgamation of three former parishes. This happened on 1 December 1981. The parish is one of 13 charges in the Presbytery of Dunkeld and Meigle.


The parish is situated in the Valley of Strathmore along the north facing slope of the Sidlaw Hills stretching down into the fertile valley. It straddles the east Perthshire and south Angus border. It is approximately 10 miles long and 3 miles wide.

The Union of the three former parishes

The first linking up of the parishes came in 1959 when at Ardler the Reverend Peter Fenton died. No new Minister was appointed. From then a new charge of Kettins linked with Ardler was formed with the Reverend Roland M Boyd Scott (who had been inducted at Kettins the previous year) installed as minister of the new linked charge.

The Reverend Boyd Scott retired as Minister of the linked congregations of Ardler and Kettins in 1979. At that time the Presbytery of Dunkeld and Meigle recommended that a union between Ardler, Kettins and Meigle should take effect on the retirement of the Meigle Minister, the Reverend John Forbes Love. All three congregations would unite as one with one Kirk Session and one Minister, but still with three places of worship. And so, on 1 December 1981 when the Reverend John Forbes Love retired, the united congregation of Ardler, Kettins and Meigle came into being. The Reverend Alexander Thomson was inducted as the first Minister of the united charge in 1982.

After the Ardler centenary celebrations in 1985, no further morning services were held; evening services continued on the first Sunday of each month. The church was finally closed the following year (1986) leaving the churches of Kettins and Meigle to serve the parish.


The old manses of the three separate congregations/parishes were sold; Ardler in the early 1960s; Meigle in 1973 when a new manse was built; and Kettins in the1980s when the three congregations united. Because a new manse had been built at Meigle a few years earlier, this manse was used for the new Ardler, Kettins and Meigle Parish Minister.

The Parish Today

The Parish of Ardler, Kettins and Meigle has a church building and hall in Kettins; and a church and manse in Meigle.There are burial grounds beside the churches in all three former parishes which are all still used.